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2024 Photo/Marketing Consent Form

Photo/Marketing Consent Form/Release
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*fyi - this form is best completed on a pc/mac/laptop rather than a mobile phone

While our preference at Darchei Noam is to have every member family complete a photo release form, If a form is not completed, Darchei Noam will take this as your approval for all photos of all family members to be used for any/all communications & marketing purposes. Thank you for your understanding.

First & Last name of Adult #1
Last name of person completing this form
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Photo/Video Authorization (aka Darchei Noam Photo Release)

Pictures of our members and member's children (particularly during Shul School, Teen Chayim and child/family events) happen during the year by our staff and volunteers for multiple purposes for both internal and external communications/marketing. This can include Darchei Noam marketing materials/brochures, newsletters, synagogue website, social media (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc), newspaper articles, Exponent advertisements and/or educational materials. 

Please indicate all members of your family below and indicate whether that individual has permission to be in pictures/videos.  Please note that this choice will remain in place 2024 and beyond until we receive a change in writing.

*disclaimer: identification of individuals in photos is done manually. If you decline permission, but see a photo of you or your child, please contact the Communications & Marketing Director asap so it can be removed.

I am submitting the following form on behalf of:
Please list the names of all members on your account (below) or those who you are changing permission for.

First & Last name of Adult #1
Photo Release Choice for Adult #1
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*used for internal identification purposes only
Entire family or upload one for each individual. Please identify each person in the picture.
First & Last Name of Adult #2
Upload a picture of Adult #2
*internal identification purposes only
First Name & Last Name of Child #1
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*used for internal identification purposes only
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*used for internal identification purposes only
First & Last Name of Child #2
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*for internal identification only
First & Last Name of Child #3
If you have more than 2 adults or 4 children on your account who should be blocked in photos, please add the names here and whether they have permission.

Please review the form above:
1. List all of the names of your family on your account (or person you are updating). 
2. One form per account.
3.. Ensure every family member has a photo permission status
4. Upload a photo of any person listed as "DO NOT USE"
5. Added Bonus: Let us know if you would like your family photo uploaded to the Directory

If you have issues with this form or uploading photos, please email NANCY BOLTON -

Please add any additional information you would like to tell us or which you think would be helpful if we know (confidential) 
This consent form will remain in effect as long as you are a member. If any information should change, please fill out another form to update your consent.
Adding your first and last name will be considered an "electronic" signature
Please complete this field if you are answering questions on behalf of a child.This is an "electronic" signature. Type in your name on the form. Please complete this line if you are 
Mon, May 27 2024 19 Iyyar 5784