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Adult Learning Classes

Darchei Noam is committed to the mitzvah of Talmud Torah at every age and adult education opportunities will be a weekly staple of our community. Classes will be taught by our clergy, as well as visiting scholars and educators. Darchei Noam members will also be encouraged to share their gifts with the community by having the opportunity to teach or lead workshops.  All of our courses are free to members.  Non-members pay a donation of $36 per course. 

Together we will learn, wrestle, create, imagine, and become the radiant, brilliant beings we are meant to be.


Back to Basics: Judaism 101 with Rabbi Danielle and Hazzan Unger

An introductory seminar to various aspects of Jewish Life taught by Rabbi Danielle and Hazzan Unger.   We will focus on the following topics:

  • A Vocabulary of Jewish Living
  • Chag – Jewish holidays and celebrations
  • Tefillah/Prayer
  • Jewish Movements
  • Lifecycle
  • Sacred Texts

We encourage you to bring your questions to this safe and supportive environment.  This course will be useful for anyone seeking to increase their Jewish literacy.


Beginner Hebrew Reading  with Rabbi Danielle

Join Rabbi Danielle for a Hebrew Reading Crash course.  Using National Jewish Outreach Program Materials (NJOP) you will learn the Hebrew alphabet and basic reading skills.  You will be able to read Hebrew words after the first session!


Biblical & Prayerbook Hebrew with Rabbi Danielle

Come unlock the mysteries of the Prayerbook and Torah by delving into Hebrew grammar and syntax.  Gain an appreciation for the poetic nature of Hebrew and see for yourself why it is called a holy language.  Work towards writing your own translations of favorite prayers and Torah passages! We will begin with a review of the textbook Prayer Hebrew the Easy Way.


- Ability to read Hebrew letters

- Prior exposure to Hebrew verb conjugation (past, present, future, command, infinitive)

- Prior exposure to basic grammatical forms such as word pairs and possessive endings.


Intermediate Hebrew Reading Class with Hazzan Unger

Join Hazzan Unger for a Hebrew reading refresher course.  This class is for those who already have the ability to phonetically read Hebrew but want to improve fluency and reading confidence.


Monthly Torah Study with Rabbi Danielle

Join Rabbi Danielle for a deep dive into the weekly Torah portion and unlock the wisdom of our tradition for spiritual truths relevant to us today.  No prior knowledge necessary.  Texts will be given in both Hebrew and English.  


Omer Experience with Rabbi Danielle & Rabbi Anne Feibelman

Explore the ancient practice of counting the Omer and find spiritual nourishment.  Join Rabbi Danielle and Rabbi Anne for an hour filled with meditation, study, song, and reflection.  The 3 weeks series will culminate with a one-day retreat.  Retreat location is at Darchei Noam. 


Practical Spirituality with David Aston

Join David Aston in an exploration to incorporate spirituality into everyday situations.  "You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and strength."  Beautiful, but what does that have to do with doing the laundry or mowing the lawn?  In this class we will discover what we as individuals believe about God and how that belief impacts even the most mundane activities of daily life.  Come with an open mind and an open heart!


Tallit Making with Carol Lyon and Rabbi Danielle

Rabbi Danielle and Carol Lyon invite you to join them in a class for designing and creating your own personal Tallit.  We will learn together how to tie Ashkenazi knots for the Tzitzyot and frame the shawl with our own personal design.  The five classes will be held during the counting of the Omer.  We are hoping that this will be an enjoyable, as well as enlightening experience.

Mon, August 15 2022 18 Av 5782