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Inclusivity Corner

Code-Switching by Erin Onady

What is code-switching? On the simplest level, it is making the switch between speaking one language and another. But as with most things, it goes deeper than that. Do you have a “phone voice” or a way you talk to your boss versus your friends? We code-switch to achieve specific results, to express ourselves in other ways, and sometimes, because we just cannot help it. Or more insidiously, we code-switch to avoid confirming stereotypes. 

Check out these resources about being Black and Jewish and code-switching in Jewish spaces. Let’s work together to create safety and inclusivity for all. 

C. E. Harrison, “What Does it Mean to ‘Code Switch’ in Jewish Spaces?”

Code Switch, “Members of Whose Tribe?” (podcast)

A Bintel Brief, “My daughter said I’m ‘code-switching.’ Is that such a bad thing?”

Mon, October 2 2023 17 Tishrei 5784